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Garage Door Damage? Accidents Happen!

Regardless of how damage occurs, damage to a garage door can sometimes look a lot scarier and expensive than it actually is. At Sac Garage Doors , we also know that damage can mean an insecure home and understand the need for our customers to feel safe. Whether the damage to your door is minor and simply needs adjustment and reinforcement, or you have a more major issue to repair or replace, Sac Garage Doors will work with you and your budget to restore your garage door and your home. Let Sac Garage Doors help you find the best solution for you. Call an ACE.

Is your door sluggish, squeaky, running rough, or not running at all? Have you heard a loud pop or bang recently or notice a cable’s just not where it’s supposed to be? Is your door hanging crooked or are any of the panels cracked, bent, or split? Sac Garage Doors can fix it!

Our skilled technicians will assess the damage on your garage door and provide you with an honest diagnosis of the issue. More often than not, the job is as simple as a service call with no parts needed or a garage door remote that needs programming. But when the job calls for a repair, our technicians are equipped with most garage door replacement parts stocked right on their truck.


We will adjust, rehabilitate, and maintain all models and brands of doors and openers.


We will adjust, rehabilitate, and maintain all models and brands of garage doors, overhead doors, and openers.


We are spring repair and replacement experts. We will get your door ready to roll in no time.


If your door is in need of complete replacement, we install all major brands or garage and overhead doors.

Common Garage Door Repairs or Issues

Problems with Garage Door Cables

Garage doors are balanced by a combination of cables on either side of the door and springs. Cables can get pulled off track or broken if an object gets in the door’s way while opening or closing, something hits the door hard enough to move it out of position, or the door was hung incorrectly at the time of installation. An easy way to tell if you may need a cable fixed is to look at how your door is balanced. If your garage door is hanging crookedly, or if you see a cable hanging loosely or not connected to anything, it’s very possible your cables will need to be reset or replaced. Always call a professional. Call an ACE.

Problems with Garage Door Springs

Springs are an essential part of the mechanics of a garage door opening and closing safely. Springs have a life cycle of about 10 years. When you look at the inside of your garage door, at the top you will see one or two springs. If you’ve heard a loud bang and/or having a very difficult time opening your garage door manually, check your spring. If you have a broken spring, you will see a gap between the coils. If you have a two-spring set and only one spring is broken, we at Sac Garage Doors recommend replacing both springs. It is likely that your springs were installed together, so if one has broken, it is very common for the second spring to break soon, as well. Springs must be very tightly wound and can be a dangerous part of the garage door to fix. Springs should ALWAYS be repaired by a professional! Call an ACE.

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