FAQs – Garage Door Installation and Repair

Read common questions about garage doors, overhead doors, garage door remotes, and more from our Sac Garage Doors ‘ Frequently Asked Questions. Get answers to your burning questions. Click the question to show or hide the answer.

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Why doesn’t my garage door remote/keypad work?

Most often a garage door remote or keypad will not work if the battery inside of it is dead. Be sure to check your battery first if you run into this problem. If you’ve checked and/or replaced the battery, and that doesn’t solve your problem, the issue may depend on the brand/style of remote or garage door opener you own. If this is the case, we’d be glad to help you out.

Why doesn’t my wall control open my garage door?

Typically this kind of problem will only happen if the wall control inside your garage has gone bad. On the rare occasion, the wiring may need adjustment. Either way, Sac Garage Doors can lend a hand.

What do I do if I’ve lost my garage door remote?

Usually the main concern with losing a remote is knowing someone could access your home without your permission. Replacing the remote is the first course of action, however, decoding and recoding your garage door opener is an important step in keeping your home safe. Sac Garage Doors is the one to call.

What do I do if the power goes out and I can’t open my garage door?

Every garage door opener comes equipped with an emergency release cord which is attached to the carriage that runs along the opener track. Pulling down on this cord will release your door so it may be opened manually. If this does not solve your issue, please give Sac Garage Doors a call.

Why does my garage door stop before closing completely?

Usually a garage door won’t close completely if the safety sensors on either side of the door are not aligned. Sometimes it’s the garage door opener that needs adjustment. Either way, Sac Garage Doors has you covered.

Why does my garage door open a little then close by itself?

If your garage door just won’t go up, it’s very possible you have a broken spring. Fixing a broken spring can be a dangerous undertaking, and should always be done by a professional. Sac Garage Doors is the one to call for a qualified expert to replace your broken spring.

Why does my garage door opener make noise but my garage door doesn’t move?

If your garage door opener sounds like its working but your garage door won’t move, it’s possible something may be stripped or broken inside the motor. Call Sac Garage Doors and we’ll fix you up!

Why does my garage door look like its crooked?

Your garage door is balanced by cables and springs. If one of the cables is broken or not where it’s supposed to be, your garage door is not going to be straight. A service call from Sac Garage Doors can have you up and running again in no time.

Why does my garage door make so much noise when it goes up and down?

Garage doors are a collection of moving metal parts. All of those parts need lubrication to work smoothly and quietly. Sac Garage Doors recommends that customers have their garage doors and openers serviced minimally once per year, especially during the colder months. If your door is doing a lot of squeaking, it may be time to give Sac Garage Doors a call.

One of the panels on my garage door is bent/damaged, but I can’t afford a new garage door. Can I get the panel fixed?

A little damage to your garage door doesn’t necessarily mean the entire door needs to be replaced. The age of the garage door or the amount of garage door usage can be a factor in determining whether or not a garage door repair will work for you. If you’re strapped for cash, depending on the extent of the damage, Sac Garage Doors has the solution for you.

Can a broken window in my garage door be replaced?

Absolutely! Windows in a garage door are pretty, but they can break. Many garage door windows can be replaced. Let Sac Garage Doors fix your garage door good as new.

How can I make my garage door help my home be more energy efficient?

If your garage door is non-insulated, it is possible your door could be fitted with an insulation kit. If you have issues with gaps or uneven floor which allows for weather to intrude, most doors can be fitted with vinyl stripping or a rubber seal to protect your garage completely from the elements. Call Sac Garage Doors to find the right solution for you.

How can I make my garage door more attractive?

If you’re bored with your garage door or you just want to give it a fresh different look, there are many options to choose from to accessorize your garage door, from window inserts or glass panels to decorative iron hardware. Call Sac Garage Doors to discuss how to make your old garage door new again.

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